Water / Wastewater

We're serious about water.

Water/Wastewater is a core focus for IIoTA Reseach. Yesterday's solutions are quickly becoming outdated. As an Operator, you need to be aware of the condition of not only the quality of your water, but the condition and state of your devices and assets.

Simple alarm panels and modems simply aren't enough. IIoTA Research develops a line of simple, common solutions - with a twist. Our controllers are more than just motor contactors and a PLC. Each of our control panels has the capability of connecting to a wired, WiFi or 4G LTE (Soon to be 5G!) network securely, and provide you with an incredible amount of intelligence.

Additionally, the Trident Controls Platform provides configurable alarm and event notification, System Reports and more directly to a group of users you configure.

Utilize IIoTA's servers and infrastructure, or let us develop the infrastructure for you.

We provide a variety of solutions for the water and wastewater industry including:

  1. Lift/Pump Station Controllers (Single, Duplex, or up to six pumps standard).
  2. Custom Wastewater Controls
  3. Real-Time Water Chemistry Analysis
  4. Instrumentation/Calibration and Sensor Monitoring
  5. Filter Backwash Intelligent Control
  6. Telemetry Panels and RTUs
  7. Trident Wastewater Treatment Controls Platform
  8. Neptune IIoT Solutions

Find out more information about the Neptune/Trident IIoT platform.

Arthur H Bridge Water Treatment Plant - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Arthur H Bridge Water Treatment Plant - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Drinking Water Filtration - Big Bear, CA
Drinking Water Filtration - Altadena, CA
Drinking Water Filtration - Altadena, CA
Wastewater Treatment Facility IIoT deployment - Granby, MA